Current Characters

Tell the story of the character you have going currently. But remember, dead is dead. So once that characters life comes to an end, you will be paying a visit to the Graveyard page.



  1. Caleb Waldner

    My current character is Liam Rodgers. He is at level 18 right now. He does not know what to think of the war, but is very determined to stop the dragons from taking over Skyrim.

  2. Caleb Waldner

    Liam Rodgers
    Currently level 23, he had his first round with Alduin. He was surprised by the ease he had beating Alduin, but also knows his next fight will be with a fully powered Alduin. Liam has dabbled in the dark side a bit, joining the Thieves Guild and temporarily working for the Dark Brotherhood. But deep inside Liam knows his roots, and is determined to not be sucked into that lifestyle. He plans to return to those places and be sure they do not cause any more trouble. Before all that though, he must beat Alduin.

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