DID Rules

What is DID?

DID = Dead is dead

To play a game with DID rules is to play it 100% realistically, that means no dying. DID rules make the game infinitely more strategic and exciting. Harder? Yes. Freaky? At times. Heart breaking? We hope not, but most likely. And it is all so worth it. Once you play this way, you will have a hard time going back.

Here are the rules for our original DID video game: Skyrim

If you have any other rules to add then comment below.

No dying. Ever. Period.

If you die then you must delete that character completely and begin a new character from the start. Remember, dead is dead.

No fast travel

The point of DID is to be completely realistic (realistic as far as Skyrim goes). Fast travel is not real.

No cheats, codes, MODs, or any of the sort.

Once again, realistic.

Exceptions to the game:

There are rare times where you may revert back to a previous save. I have listed the exceptions below. If you experience any of these tragic possibilities, you MAY fast travel up until you reach the point where you where when you had to revert back to a prior save. This fast travel exception is ONLY to make up for the parts of the game that you have already played but where not saved. You cannot go on a rabbit trail and continue to fast travel.

Real life over the game

There are things that happen within the real world that might effect the Skyrim world. In such a case you can receive mercy.

Example: If someone walks by the video game counsel and unplugs the controller, thus leaving your character in a vegetable state as you scramble to plug the controller in. Or if your baby falls down and begins crying, you jump up and help the child, and your character gets dies in the process. These are all examples of real world situations that effect the game, and you do not need to delete your character for these situations.


If the game TRULY glitches, then you can restart from a previous save. I am talking about a game glitch, not a human error glitch. If you don’t see the cliff coming up as your running around Skyrim, the results of that scene will not qualify for a glitch, you were just being a little too carless.